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Four Eagles Teams Ranked in Top 100 Teams of All-Time

The NFL has been doing a few special lists to honor the league's 100th year in business. First they released what they thought were the 100 best plays in NFL history, which the Eagles had seven of. Next their throwback YouTube account posted videos of the top 100 throws in NFL history, which the Eagles had eleven of. Then they counted down the 100 Greatest Games in NFL History, which the Eagles had seven of. After that one, they listed the 100 Greatest Game Changers, four of which were former Eagles.

Now the league recently listed the top 100 Teams of all-time. The Eagles weren't represented as well on this list as previous lists, receiving recognition on just four of their former teams. Here's a look at which four Eagles teams were considered among the best in NFL history:

81. 1926 Frankford Yellow Jackets

If you don't remember, the Frankford Yellow Jackets were that team that wore those funky blue and yellow uniforms that the Eagles wore in 2007 in the season opener against the Lions. They remained the Yellow Jackets for seven more years before they officially became the Philadelphia Eagles in 1933.

52. 1960 Eagles

Obviously the only team in NFL history to beat Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers in the playoffs deserves to be recognized as one of the best teams ever. That team had eight Pro Bowlers, including league MVP Norm Van Brocklin. That team also had quite a few players who would later be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, including Van Brocklin, Tommy McDonald, Sonny Jurgensen, Pete Retzlaff, and Chuck Bednarik.

42. 1948 Eagles

The 1948 NFL Championship Game is probably one of the most memorable ones in league history, mostly because the game was played in a blizzard and there was only one score in the entire game. That Eagles team ended up having six All-Pros on it, as well as four future Pro Football Hall of Famers (Steve Van Buren, Pete Pihos, Alex Wojciechowicz, and head coach Greasy Neale.

36. 2017 Eagles

A no-brainer that this is the greatest Eagles TEAM ever assembled. They great things about them that will always be remembered is how they were able to rally around the multitude of players who suffered season-ending injuries, and still beat the greatest dynasty in sports. Not only that, but honestly they might end up being a team that had no future Pro Football Hall of Famers who played in that game (Jason Kelce and Fletcher Cox could get themselves into that conversation depending on how well they continue playing into the future). That speaks volumes into just how well they worked as a team to overcome many obstacles that were put in front of them and yet still came out on top.

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