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Seven Eagles Plays Recognized in Top 100 NFL Plays Countdown

With this year being the NFL's 100th year in existence, there have been a few different celebrations going on to acknowledge the centennial season. So far we have created a 100th anniversary Eagles 53-man roster and a list of the top 100 Eagles in history, but now the NFL has created an official top 100 plays in NFL history list.

The Eagles ended up having seven of the best plays in league history, spanning from the late 1940s all the way through the Super Bowl run of 2017. So you don't have to watch all 100 plays to sort through which ones involve the Birds, here is a quick breakdown of the Eagles plays that made the list and where they ranked.

The first play on the list was Steve Van Buren's game-winning touchdown in the 1948 NFL Championship Game, which came in at #91.

Randall Cunningham's amazing play where he turned into rubber on Monday Night Football against the Giants landed him at #82 on this list.

10 slots later Cunningham found himself on the list again, this time making guys miss him in his own endzone, then launching his famous Hail Mary to Fred Barnett for a 95-yard touchdown.

The "Hit Heard Around the World" lands at #44 on the top 100 list. It's still considered by many to be the greatest hit in football history.

DeSean Jackson's walkoff touchdown against the Giants was the lower ranking of the two "Miracles at the Meadowlands" as it came in at #36.

The original "Miracle at the Meadowlands" was #23, and it's funny to realize that four of these seven plays involved the Eagles making an amazing play against the New York Giants.

"The Philly Special" is the highest ranked Eagles play in NFL history, as it is considered the 10th best play in the league's 100 year history.

Eagles fans probably are wondering why Brandon Graham's strip sack didn't make it, but I think It's a little more surprising that the 4th-and-26 pass didn't make it nor did Donovan McNabb's 14 second scramble that led to a completed pass deep downfield.

Maybe in 3019 the Eagles will double the amount of appearances on this list, as well as adding a few more Super Bowls to their trophy case.

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