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Four Former Eagles Personnel Named Part of the NFL's 100 Greatest Game Changers

The NFL has been doing a few special lists to honor the league's 100th year in business. First they released what they thought were the 100 best plays in NFL history, which the Eagles had seven of. Next their throwback YouTube account posted videos of the top 100 throws in NFL history, which the Eagles had eleven of. Then they counted down the 100 Greatest Games in NFL History, which the Eagles had seven of.

Now the league is listing the 100 Greatest Game Changers. The Eagles weren't represented as well on this list as previous lists, receiving recognition on just four former personnel. Here's a look at which former Birds made the list:

88. Randall Cunningham

Randall Cunningham was the original dual-threat running back. His success led to other quarterbacks in future generations get a shot in the league, including other Eagles QBs Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick.

54. Buddy Ryan

Buddy's defenses made opposing offensive coordinators and quarterbacks want to forfeit their upcoming games. He was the creator of the effective 46 defense, which followed him from Chicago to when he became the head coach of the Eagles. Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Clyde Simmons and the rest of his personnel made his scheme work to perfection.

33. Reggie White

Arguably the greatest defender in league history, the Minister of Defense became unstoppable when he entered the NFL. It if weren't for penny-pinching ownership, he would have been an Eagle for life.

21. Bert Bell

This man is the reason why our Sundays in the Fall and Winter and always busy. Bell was the co-founder and co-owner of the Eagles. With the Eagles, he led the way in cooperating with the other NFL owners to establish the NFL Draft in order to give the weakest teams the first opportunity to sign the best available players (because of the Eagles were terrible back then). He later became Commissioner of the league and helped craft the entire league schedule with an emphasis on enhancing the dramatic effect of late-season matches. He also tailored the game's rules to strengthen its appeal to mass media. The league undoubtedly wouldn't be what it is today without Mr. Bell.

Some other notes:

**Mike Ditka was technically an Eagle at one point, but obviously most of his "game changing" came during his time with the Chicago Bears.

**Astroturf wasn't invented by the Eagles, but their turf at Veterans Stadium became notorious for injuries.



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