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Eagles Represented Heavily on "Top 100 Throws in NFL History" Countdown

In their 86 year history, the Philadelphia Eagles have had some great quarterbacks. Of course with great quarterback play comes amazing passing plays, and that's exactly what these quarterbacks have done in their Eagles uniforms.

To help celebrate the league's centennial season, the NFL's official throwback YouTube channel "NFL Throwback" posted a montage of the 100 best throws in history.

If you don't feel like watching the 28 minute video, the Eagles ended up having 11 of their plays make the list. Here's a breakdown of the plays and where they landed:

94. Ron Jaworski's 99 yard touchdown in overtime to Mike Quick

92. Carson Wentz's pass downfield to Nelson Agholor while he was falling down

85. 4th & 26

82. Carson Wentz's pass to Corey Clement while getting hit on MNF

76. Nick Foles' touchdown pass to Corey Clement in Super Bowl LII

65. Donovan McNabb's 14 second scramble to hit Freddie Mitchell downfield

58. Michael Vick connecting with Brent Celek through triple coverage

49. Michael Vick to DeSean Jackson on first play of the game on MNF

32. Pete Liske throws a touchdown to Steve Zabel while on his ass

23. Randall Cunningham's rubber-like play on MNF

18. Randall Cunningham avoiding a sack in his endzone to throw hail mary touchdown to Fred Barnett



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