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Seven Eagles Games Considers Among Best Ever

The NFL has been doing a few special lists to honor the league's 100th year in business. First they released what they thought were the 100 best plays in NFL history, which the Eagles had seven of. Next their throwback YouTube account posted videos of the top 100 throws in NFL history, which the Eagles had eleven of.

Now the NFL has come up with a list of the 100 Greatest Games in NFL History. The Eagles were well represented, playing in seven of those games (with five of those games the Eagles being on the winning end of the game). Here's a look at where those seven games ranked according to the league.

93. 1948 NFL Championship Game

A Championship Game being played in a blizzard is unheard of, but the Eagles played in it and scored the only touchdown of the game. A bizarre game for sure that needed this recognition.

88. Miracle at the Meadowlands II

One of the most memorable moment in recent history for Eagles fans. Once of the greatest comebacks in NFL history and a "walk-off touchdown" to boot? This game is ranked waaaaay too low.

69. 4th & 26

One of two plays that Freddie Mitchell ever did something good on. This was a miracle play that was delivered by Donovan McNabb. I personally believe this should be flipped with the Miracle at the Meadowlands II in terms of rankings.

58. Joe Montana's comeback against the Eagles in 1989

Not a fun one to look back on as the Eagles blew a huge lead late in the game.

50. The Fog Bowl

It was asinine for the referees and league to allow the game to be played instead of delayed or postponed. If conditions weren't blinding the Eagles absolutely win this game and go into the NFC Championship Game against the 49ers. Who knows if the Eagles win that game as well and go to the Super Bowl.

48. Miracle at the Meadowlands

LOLGiants. All you had to do was kneel the damn ball. Instead this game is now one of the most talked games in NFL history.

14. Super Bowl LII

It may be my Eagles bias, but this game NEEDS to be ranked higher. A back and forth game where it felt either team could win. With the help of a trick-play offense and a miracle play on defense, a backup quarterback and second-year head coach beats the greatest coach and quarterback in NFL history for a franchise's first Super Bowl title. THAT IS only the 14th-best game? It literally sounds like a script to a Disney movie.

With the Eagles now having a competent head coach and general manager, it appears that the Eagles might be playing in many important games in the coming future. We'll have to see if any of them are good enough for the 200th NFL season Top 200 list.

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