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Bold Predictions: Eagles at Bills

This weekend the Eagles go into Buffalo to try and stop their two-game skid from becoming a three-game losing streak. Before the teams take the field, our writers need to make their bold predictions for the game known. Here's a recap of previous bold predictions from each week and the winning predictor from our writers:

Week 1: Mike W.

Week 2: Michael V. (partial credit)

Week 3: no correct predictions

Week 4: Andrew W. & Mike W. (both partial credit)

Week 5: Chalie (Dylan partial credit)

Week 6: Dylan (partial credit)

Week 7: no correct predictions

We'll see if anyone can have a fully correct prediction this weeks as the Eagles try to get back to .500. Here's what our writers are boldly predicting for this weekend:

Michael V.: Carson. Wentz. Balls. Out. Enough is enough already. Without getting anything out of his receivers, I still expect Wentz to put this team on his back for a must win game. I'm thinking 50+ yards on the ground including a rushing TD and two more TDs in the air for good measure. Go Birds.

Andrew: Last week Carson Wentz was holding onto the ball for about three seconds for each throw. That is entirely too long, which led to him getting sacked and hit way too many times to my liking. This week I think a combination of good play from the offensive line with designated quick pass plays leads to Wentz not getting sacked at all, and hit two times or less total.

Chalie: It gets worse. The Eagles have less than 200 yards and end up losing 24-10 against the Bills slow offense.

Dylan: Jalen Mills will have two interceptions with one of them getting returned for a pick six.

Travis: This is a must win game. On the heels of Malcolm's player-only meeting, the team plays its best game of the season, amassing 450 yards and holding the Bills to under 250 yards.

Ryan: I predict Ed Oliver will wreck havoc against the offensive line, but the Eagles will win and Carson Wentz will throw at least two touchdowns.

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