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Bold Predictions: Eagles vs. Redskins

This weekend starts a season that is filled with hope and high expectations for the Philadelphia Eagles. They start out with a game against one of their longtime rivals, the Washington Redskins. How will things go for the Birds in Week 1?

Here are some bold predictions from our writers on what will happen:

Aaron: I predict that Miles Sanders is going to have a big debut with 100 yards and a touchdown. I also believe the defense is going to pest new redskins QB Case Keenum, and hold the skins to less than 14 points. The final score of this game is going to be 35-10 Eagles, a big division win at home.

Tyler: Throughout the course of the preseason, we primarily watched backups take the field. We finally get to see the good stuff, the starters, on Sunday. Without taking any snaps since Week 14’s heartbreaking loss to Dallas, I’m predicting Carson Wentz will not miss a beat. It doesn’t matter that this man didn’t play a down in the preseason -- Wentz will throw at least 3 touchdowns, rush for one touchdown, and throw for over 400 yards to open the season.

Michael V.: I've been a huge Sidney Jones supporter from the second they called his name at the podium on draft day. This is the year. This is where he stays healthy, comes into his own, and shows everyone why he was a top 10 talent before his injury. He's got the starting nod. No better way to do that than a pick 6 of Case Keenum a la Patrick Pederson from the NFC Championship game.

Andrew: We saw during the NFL season opener on Thursday just how rusty offenses can be when most of their starters didn't suit up in the preseason. Everyone seems to be expecting a bomb from Carson Wentz to DeSean Jackson on the first offensive drive, but if the Eagles are smart they'll knock that rust off early by running the ball and completing short passes.

If the Eagles offense can't get points early, they'll need to hope that the Redskins offense don't blitzkrieg the defense and get out to an early lead. The early lead might force Wentz and Doug Pederson to press when they should still be relaxed.

I still say the Eagles will win this game, but solely thanks to the veteran Darren Sproles. He'll get a touchdown (will it be from a return, a running play or off a catch? Who knows.) and also make some clutch third down receptions for Wentz out of the backfield.

Josh: A lot of attention has been given to the Eagles offense, and rightfully so. The line is among the best in the league and there are weapons all over the field. There should be plenty of offensive outbursts this season. But I don't think Sunday will be one of them.

Wentz didn't take a single snap during the preseason, and many of the other offensive starters saw little to no action as well. As a result, I think it will take some time for everyone to get on the same page and really start cooking. With the offense not meeting expectations right out of the gate, I think the defense steps up and wins this game for the Eagles.

Mike W.: My bold prediction for the Eagles tomorrow is the team will come out slow on offense, and stout on defense. I don’t believe the Eagles will be able to get their running game going early, because of rust and the Redskins’ stout front seven. I do believe the Eagles will be losing at half, but end up winning the game 37-17. Lead performer of the game ends up being Alshon Jeffrey with 7-107 and a TD.

Alexis: I predict that Wentz and Ertz will be an absolute dynamic duo for this home opener. I think the offense will mange to rack up a good amount of the games' points in the first half. I predict the end score to be 28-14 with a sweet first victory for the Eagles.

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