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12 Former Eagles Among 'Greatest Characters in NFL History'

The NFL has been doing a few special lists to honor the league's 100th year in business. First they released what they thought were the 100 best plays in NFL history, which the Eagles had seven of. Next their throwback YouTube account posted videos of the top 100 throws in NFL history, which the Eagles had eleven of. Then they listed the 100 greatest games in NFL history, seven of which the Eagles were apart of.

Now they have moved onto a list documenting the "100 Greatest Characters" in NFL history. The Eagles have had plenty of different characters both on the field and on the sidelines, which is why 12% of the list were former Eagles personnel. If you don't want to sift through all 100 players, here's all the Eagles with what number they came in at:

93. Brian Dawkins

92. Dick Vermeil

89. Herm Edwards

86. Norm Van Brocklin

82. Sonny Jurgensen

68. Tim Rossovich

35. Chuck Bednarik

23. William "The Refrigerator" Perry

16. Terrell Owens

11. Buddy Ryan

10. Mike Ditka

9. Jim McMahon

Some thoughts taken from those results:

•Brian Dawkins is way too low, the man literally developed an alter ego on the field.

•Tim Rossovich is also too low, because in his segment I found out for the first time that he set himself on fire just for laughs. Dude was a lunatic and needs to be higher to gain more recognition for the shenanigans he got up to.

•Chad OchoCinco ranked higher than T.O. on the list, which I feel is wrong. If anything I'd swap their places or drop OchoCinco somewhere below T.O.

**John Madden is on the list, and he was drafted by the Eagles. But he suffered a career-ending injury before playing in a game, so I didn't count him because he had zero personality that was developed and shown while with the Eagles.

**Not many people know that Mike Ditka played for the Eagles for two seasons back in 1967-1968.

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