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Can't Spell Elite Without Wentz?

Although you definitely can spell elite without the letters in Wentz, an all pro safety believes that you cannot talk about elite QBs in the NFL without mentioning Carson Wentz. The Eagles hosted the Baltimore Ravens this week for joint practices, and the Bird's franchise QB has caught the eye of All-Pro safety Earl Thomas.

The newest member of the Ravens' secondary was asked about what it is like to face Carson Wentz in practice. Thomas said that while it was tough to get a read on Wentz after only two practices, he would consider Wentz to be in the small pool of QBs in an "elite level". This kind of praise coming from a player and person like Earl Thomas is real, as Thomas is not one to mince words. Just last season, he had no issues speaking his mind about his own head coach. When looking at Wentz's numbers, one can't help but to argue for his case among the elite. Of the "no-brainer" elite QBs (Brady, Brees, and Rodgers) since 2017, Wentz only trails Brees in QBR by whopping 0.6 of a point.

The hype around Carson is no longer a secret at the national stage. Multiple national media individuals have sung their praise for Wentz, and the season they see him having a MVP-caliber season. The only thing holding the Wentz Wagon hype back is the phrase "as long as he stays healthy".

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