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Zach Ertz: “I Never Want to Play for Any Other Team"

Zach Ertz gave everything he could on Sunday night. After the game, he revealed all of the injuries he played through, showing us just how tough of a player he truly is.

Today, Ertz explained in more detail why he played with all of those injuries, and in the process he explained how much he loves the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia.

Yet there is still a small portion of the Eagles fan base that wants him shipped out of town because he can't break tackles...

As long as his contract demands don't become outrageous when he gets older, Ertz should remain a Philadelphia Eagle for life. He knows the right words to say to appeal to Eagles fans, and he knows what Eagles fans want from their players. He also gave the Eagles a pretty nice advertisement for any free agents who are thinking about potentially playing for a city like Philadelphia.

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