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Zach Ertz Reveals All the Injuries He Dealt With to Play in Wildcard Game

A direct hit to his side in Week 16 against the Dallas Cowboys proved to be painful for Zach Ertz. It was reported that he played the rest of that game with a broken rib. After the Cowboys game it was mentioned that Ertz was also dealing with a kidney issue on top of his rib injury, so he was sidelined for the Week 17 game against the New York Giants.

After a week of rigorous training and preparation, Ertz was able to take the field in the Wildcard game against the Seattle Seahawks, catching two passes for 44 yards. After the game was over, Ertz went into detail about the significant injuries he suffered in that Week 16 game.

Ertz also revealed in his answer that there was blood in his urine when he went to the locker room against the Cowboys, showing the prevalence of the kidney issue.

Ever since his NFL career began in 2013, Ertz has demonstrated toughness. He has missed just six games in his seven-year career. Risking your future and career to try to help your injured and damaged team to a gutsy win in the postseason might have been a little reckless, but it showed just how much he cares for his teammates and this city.

You can moan and groan about his lack of yards after catch, but NEVER question Zach Ertz's toughness. He embodies everything about the city of Philadelphia. Now gears will switch and Ertz will have all offseason for his kidney and ribs to heal; he should be fully healthy to start the 2020 season, and he will be looking for some revenge for this year's early exit.

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