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The Birds Will Fly Again

I'm not someone who likes to beat around the bush, it's very clear that the culture in the Eagles locker room is moving in the wrong direction. This kind of thing can ruin a football team and it's time the Eagles veterans step up. After the blow out loss against Dallas two weeks ago, right tackle Lane Johnson made a controversial comment about players not showing up to meetings on time. Some people criticized Johnson for this comment, but he's been around and he sees what's going on.

This team has what it takes to make things happen but they need to start playing with some heart. Eagles fans will always cheer for their team unless they get the sense that the team isn't putting out any effort. In the game against the Cowboys (and even early on against the Bills) you could tell that the team has no fire. The defense is coming out sluggish and on offense you have guys like Nelson Agholor who gave up on a ball that he could catch and maybe run in for a touchdown.

While all this is depressing, I am here to say that I am hopeful. I have faith that Doug Pederson will reign in the team and get them back on track. With the Cowboys coming off the bye week and the Eagles winning in Buffalo, Philadelphia is only one game (technically half a game) behind in the division again. All the team has to do is get their heads together and they will be true contenders for the division and that starts with the leaders in the locker room. I believe that Jason Kelce, Malcolm Jenkins and the rest of the veterans will rally behind Doug Pederson and start really making things happen. We will see how the Eagles rise to the challenge this week against the struggling Bears offense.


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