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Nelson Agholor Explains Why He Missed Deep Pass in Cowboys Game

If you watched the entirety of Sunday Night's blowout loss, you’ve seen Nelson Agholor's huge missed opportunity of a deep ball touchdown to potentially swing momentum. On the play, Agholor burned a defender and Carson Wentz put the ball right where it needed to be. However, rather than extending his arms to get under the ball, it appeared as though Agholar simply gave up on the play.

Just to refresh that painful memory, here another look at the play:

...and here is Agholar’s reaction to the media when asked about what he thought of the play:

Agholor is clearly frustrated with himself, and seemingly the media in general for questioning his effort. With everything going on these past two weeks, the Eagles locker room is as much a circus as we’ve seen in the last decade.



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