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Studs and Duds of Week 8

Yesterday's game was the first one this season that I really thought the Eagles played a complete game. Every facet seemed to work well, but there are still a few things they can approve. Let’s go over some of the great performers and bad things I saw during the Bills game.

Eagles Offensive Line: STUDS

This was the first game all season where the offensive line showed how dominant they can be against even one of the better defenses in the league. They dominated up front and allowed for over 200 rushing yards and 31 points against a Bills defense that hadn’t let up more than 21 points in the previous seven games. They let up a couple sacks, but they were otherwise dominate against a team that had been rolling all season.

Weather: DUD

Wow what a crappy weather day. That wind was real nasty and the rain didn’t help either. This was a game where you could not really get the passing game going due to the conditions. Both teams struggled a lot with it and it caused a few kicks to be missed. The weather also messed up Boston Scott on the one punt return he fumbled as the ball kept getting blown back and he just couldn’t get a read on it.

Eagles Secondary: STUDS

After the past couple weeks of atrocious play, the secondary finally stepped up against a less than stellar offense. They only let up two TD passes and the one was just because Nathan Gerry was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Having Darby and Mills back really helped them out a lot as they had assistance from better players than they have previously had at the position. Jenkins stepped up big and just played like the leader he is. McLeod put some big hits against receivers and backs and had one of the better games he has had in awhile. The locker room controversies really made these guys stepped up.

Pass Rushers: DUDS

I know that the Eagles forced three fumbles and had a couple sacks against Allen, but clearly there was an issue with keeping him contained. They did not wrap him up enough and they let break off a couple big runs that could have cost them the game if the Bills offense could get going. There were points they looked good, but in general, they need to step up more if they expect to win against better teams such as Seahawks and Patriots.

Miles Sanders: STUD

This is why they drafted this kid in the 2nd round. He has some serious speed and can break off a big play on a normal run. Whenever he touched the ball, good things happened. They have found a good way to get him in the offense and get the most out of his talents. He even showed some power on a couple of runs and demonstrated he’s improving on his vision. I like the balance they have with him and Jordan Howard and I want them to run more plays like the 65 yarder he broke off with both players in the backfield.

Other notes:

•Continue with creative play calling, but also expand on them. I liked the fake screen they did on the touchdown pass to Dallas Goedert (as they love to do the screen to Alshon Jeffrey in short field plays). They need to add some more plays like this to mess teams up and break trends they have.

•Let Jeffery go up on people with 50/50 balls. They threw one this game, but they need to throw more. He is still one of the best in the league at this and Wentz does not utilize this skill set enough. With letting him do more, he can demonstrate why he’s a number 1 receiver in this league and why he is being paid like one.

•Let Howard be Howard. He is a strong runner with good speed. Line him up 7-10 yards back and let him get a full head of steam while he hits the line to let him plow through defenders. He got stopped a couple times by good plays on the Bills D line, but he can break some runs off with his pure power.

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