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New Video Shows Dallas Goedert Getting Knocked Unconscious From Sucker Punch

Less than 24 hours after the initial report of Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert getting sucker-punched, a video has emerged showing just how bad of a hit he took.

The video appears to be from the bar/restaurant's security camera. In the video, you can see Goedert appearing to put his hands out towards man in an attempt to get away from the melee that was happening behind them. Then, to Goedert's left a man appears out of nowhere to deliver a punch to Goedert's jaw that knocks the 25-year-old out.

After watching that, it seems all but certain Goedert suffered a concussion/head injury, which is why he had to go to the hospital. Thankfully though, he was already released from the hospital, a sign that he is already healing from the cheap shot.

Seeing that unfold, it's now clear why Eagles players reacted the way they did when they found out about Goedert's injury.

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