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Lane Johnson is Pissed About His Pro Bowl Snub (Again)

This evening, five Eagles were selected to represent the NFC at this year's Pro Bowl in Orlando. Lane Johnson was not among the players who saw their names announced. When he found out he was initially curious as to why he was omitted.

A few minutes later, he told the league to watch out for him (and other right tackles who were left off the roster).

This isn't the first time Johnson has been upset about being snubbed from the Pro Bowl. Just last season, Johnson said that when he found out he did not make the team, he was so infuriated that he drove to the NovaCare Complex and slept in the locker room.

Johnson has a serious case for why he deserves to make the Pro Bowl, as the play of the Philadelphia Eagles with and without him in the lineup proves just how valuable he is. Since 2016, the Eagles are 4–10 when he’s not in the lineup since, and 32-16 when he is in the lineup.

The good news though is that he was selected as an alternate last season and due to other players dropping out, he was able to attend his first Pro Bowl.

Hopefully if he is able to tolerate his ankle injury and play on Sunday, he'll take his frustrations out on DeMarcus Lawrence. There is still some hope though for Johnson to end up down at the Pro Bowl again if he is announced as an alternate and a tackle drops out again.

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