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Lane Johnson is Seething About His Pro Bowl Snub

Even though the game itself has become somewhat of a mockery, a lot of players across the NFL have strong feelings for the Pro Bowl. Some players have incentives in their contracts that are given to them when they make Pro Bowl rosters, and others want the nods for the all-star game to help their hall-of-fame resume. So when Lane Johnson found out he was snub out of the 2019 Pro Bowl, he was furious.

There were a few ways Johnson could have handled his anger, but he chose the right path by going to the NovaCare Complex and keep making himself better. His is now out to prove everyone who didn't vote for him wrong and show why he is the best right tackle in the NFL. So far he is proving himself, as he kept J.J. Watt in check on Sunday to help keep the Eagles' playoff hopes alive. Now he will be trying to prevent Ryan Kerrigan from getting to Nick Foles when the Eagles head down to Washington in Week 17.

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