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How Former Eagles Fared in Week 2 of the XFL

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

With the NFL season over and the new league year not starting until March, now is usually the time of year where not a lot of interesting action happens in the football world. That has changed this year though, as the Xtreme Football League has rebooted and has just finished its second week of action. The XFL is littered with former Eagles across the league, and with not a lot of Eagles news happening this time of year, we will be monitoring how the former Eagles are performing. Last week, 14 former Eagles appeared on the stat sheet in their XFL debuts. Here's what former Eagles did in their respective week two games this past weekend:

•RB Donnell Pumphrey (D.C.): 12 rushes, 52 yards; three receptions, 26 yards

•WR DeAndre Thompkins (D.C.): six receptions, 92 yards, one touchdown; one rush, five yards

•RB Matt Jones (St. Louis): 16 rushes, 44 yards

•QB Matt McGloin (New York): 8/19, 44 yards, two interceptions

•CB Ajene Harris (Houston): nine tackles (one for loss)

•DT Gabe Wright (Houston): four tackles (two for loss), .5 sack

• S Godwin Igwebuike (Seattle): four tackles

•LB Ryan Mueller (New York): four tackles

•CB Josh Hawkins (Dallas): three tackles (one for loss), one pass defended

•S Jerome Couplin (Los Angeles): three tackles

•LB Asantay Brown (Dallas): two tackles, one pass defended

•Carlton Agudosi (St. Louis): one reception, five yards

•WR Seantavius Jones (Tampa Bay): one reception, 12 yards

•LB Quentin Gause (Los Angeles): one tackle

It's still too early to tell if any of these former Birds will break out and make a name for themselves in this league. There are still eight more weeks in their regular season to establish themselves before the playoffs come around. Once the playoffs are over, there might be a few players from this list that make their way onto 90-man NFL rosters when training camp rolls around.

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