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Eagles Add Linebacker in a Trade With Falcons

Howie Roseman was bored today so he decided to make a trade. This evening he acquired Duke Riley from he Atlanta Falcons.

Howie must have felt the team was loaded enough at the safety position and wanted to add a linebacker after ditching L.J. Fort over the weekend.

Riley was selected by the Falcons in the 3rd round of the 2017 Draft, but so far hadn't made much noise in his 16 career starts at linebacker. He has amassed 90 tackles in his career so far with most of his best play coming on special teams (he has played 89% of Atlanta's special teams' snaps so far in 2019).

It's good to know that Howie is at worked, but wish it would have been a trade for a good cornerback. It doesn't seem like the Jacksonville Jaguars are ready to give Jalen Ramsey up just yet so we'll have to keep waiting for either Howie or the Jaguars to blink first.

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