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DeSean Jackson Had the 2nd-Most Deep Targets in Week 1

With DeSean Jackson back to full health, Doug Pederson had Carson Wentz try to replicate what that combo did in Week 1 of 2019, which was a full-on air assault on Washington highlighted by two deep ball touchdowns.

Jackson ended up with the 2nd-most deep targets in the NFL this past Sunday with four targets downfield.

Unfortunately, the 2019 results didn't replicate. Jackson finished the game with two receptions for 46 yards and zero touchdowns.

Pederson was calling plays last Sunday like a kid playing Madden, as he had Eagles receivers running deep downfield all game long. Rookie receiver Jalen Reagor ran 20+ yards downfield on nine of his 40 offensive snaps. Obviously that game plan was a colossal failure, as Carson Wentz was hit and pressured so many times that he could never get the ball that far downfield even if he wanted to.

Even though it was nice finally having some speed on offense, Pederson is going to have to adjust his gameplans with the offensive line he currently has to work with. Once the o-line gains some chemistry maybe he can go back to the constant "four vertical" offense, but for now I'd like to see some slants from the receivers, and maybe some end-arounds from Jackson and Reagor to see what they can do with the ball in their hands right from the start of the snap.

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