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Jalen Reagor's Routes From Week 1 Show That the Eagles Want to Show Off His Speed

Jalen Reagor was originally expected to miss Week 1 with a shoulder injury, but he somehow overcame the odds and was able to suit up for his first career game against Washington.

He ended up getting 40 snaps in his NFL debut, but recorded just one reception. His one catch was a big one -- a 55-yard bomb delivered to him by Carson Wentz. That one deep play wasn't the only time Reagor was spotted deep downfield. In fact, Reagor ended up running 20+ yards downfield on nine of his 40 snaps.

The Eagles will likely continue using Reagor this way to take advantage of the best type of route he runs. He can try to perfect his route tree as the season goes on and during the offseason too. For now, though, Doug Pederson just wants Reagor to run as straight downfield as he possibly can. Maybe Pederson will mix in some end-arounds and screens for Reagor as well just to get the ball in his hands early and let him to use his acceleration and speed to make defenders miss him.

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