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Derek Barnett Fined for Second Consecutive Week

In the aftermath of the Eagles win over the Green Bay Packers in Week 4, there were three Eagles fined for unnecessary roughness, including defensive end Derek Barnett. Barnett lost $28,075 for that infraction, but he'll be even lighter in his pockets this week, as he has been fined once again for unnecessary roughness.

Like mentioned in the tweet, Barnett's fine stems from the penalty he received for diving at the legs of Alex Lewis during Nate Gerry's pick-six. It happens at about the 15-second mark of this video.

The Eagles were fortunate that the touchdown was upheld, because technically the penalty occurred before Gerry reached the endzone, so it could have been overturned.

Barnett is now down $38,602 this season alone thanks to fines. I'm sure he was ripped a new one on the sidelines by Jim Schwartz after that drive, but if not he was definitely told off by the coaching staff this week to clean up his act. So far these penalties haven't cost the Eagles any games, but if this trend continues it's gonna end up costing the team at some point.

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