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Three Eagles Fined for Unnecessary Roughness in Packers Game

We all remember the first defensive play of the game for the Eagles last Thursday against the Packers. Packers running back Jamaal Williams was tied up and no longer moving upfield, but Derek Barnett went full speed to hit him and connected with his head, resulting in a 15-yard penalty.

Williams is still dealing with a concussion and has not practiced this week. He is not expected to be ready for the Packers game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Today the NFL announced that they have fined Barnett for his dangerous hit. Not only Barnett, but also Rudy Ford and Zach Ertz were fined for unnecessary roughness as well.

Ford's penalty came on a punt where Ford went full speed and made contact on the punt returner's helmet.

The play Zach Ertz got fined for was when he lowered the head to initiate contact. He wasn't flagged and it appeared the defender may have initiated the contact with Ertz’s shoulder. He plans to appeal the fine.

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