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Current and Former NFL Players Call Out Orlando Scandrick's Hypocrisy

If you weren't online at all yesterday, you would have missed some high school level drama that unfolded. It all started when former Eagles cornerback went on Undisputed to talk some trash on his former employer.

During his interview he trashed Malcolm Jenkins specifically. When asked by beat reporters in the locker room, Jenkins wasn't bashful in his reply in what he thinks of Scandrick.

The Eagles social media team was quick to point out Scandrick's hypocrisy, as just two weeks ago he was praising Jenkins for his leadership qualities during a blowout loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Now that the world knows that Scandrick is full of crap, a bunch of former NFL players and current ones around the league chimed in about his antics:

Former Eagles safety Earl Wolff:

Former Eagles wide receiver Mike Wallace and current Baltimore Ravens cornerback Tavon Young:

Former Eagles defensive end Chris Long:

Former Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith:

Retired safety Will Blackmon had some fun as well and made his case for why the Eagles should sign him -- because he can keep secrets:

And for the pièce de résistance, we have Malcolm Jenkins himself adding his thoughts on Twitter when seeing the video emerge:

So what we learned from yesterday is that Scandrick will not be landing another job in the NFL, because everyone knows he can't keep stuff behind closed doors. Instead he seems to be leaning towards starting a career in media, but now that media also knows he's a liar he might not be receiving many offers in that field either. He better hope the money he has made in his NFL career lasts him a long time.

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