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ZZ Top Predicted The Eagles Possible Path to Super Bowl LIII

Coincidence? Or destiny?

Thanks to a Nick Foles-led TD drive, and Trayvon Hester's fingertips, the Eagles pulled out a miraculous win Sunday night against a Chicago Bears team that many analysts were predicting would make it to the Super Bowl. Now the Eagles are on their way down to New Orleans, where they will be facing Drew Brees and the Saints. But it seems the Eagles might already know what their future holds, thanks to rock band ZZ Top.

Back in 1973, ZZ Top made a song called "Jesus Just Left Chicago", and now it feels like divine intervention is taking place for the Eagles.

That's not even the craziest part, because later in the song, there is a lyric that says:

"Then out to California through the forests and the pines"

The other divisional matchup in the NFC is the Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams. If the Eagles pull off an upset win against the Saints, and the Rams do their job against the Cowboys, then the Eagles would head out to California for the NFC Championship Game in Los Angeles.

With known holy-figure St. Nick still under center, the Eagles' destiny might already have them in the Super Bowl down in Atlanta next month. But no other lyrics give hints to who they might play or if they would win. I guess we will have to stay tuned and see if ZZ Top are sorcerers.

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