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Will Logan Wilson Change Eagles Draft Philosophy?

After my latest article on how the Eagles have one of the most inexperienced linebacker cores, I want to take a look at prospects linebacker the Eagles could choose in the 2020 draft to add more depth at a position that's truly lagging.

Ideally, I wish the Eagles would add some veterans with the last two spots since they usually go with six linebackers. At this point, they already have four with Jatavis Brown, Nathan Gerry, T.J. Edwards, Alex Singleton, and Duke Riley, but I understand bringing in young players to develop is still essential in this process. That being said, I don't see the Birds using a high draft pick on the position, even though its clear to see they need some playmakers out of this group. The Eagles have not utilized the linebacker core in a long time. The last time they utilized the draft to pick a linebacker was in 2017 when they picked Nathan Gerry in the fifth round.

It's been two seasons since the team drafted a linebacker, so I'm not expecting them to go big now. They haven't used a high round draft pick on a linebacker since 2012 when Andy Reid selected Mychal Kendricks in the second round.

There is a potential day three who will still be able to bring something to the defense that the Eagles have had their eyes on. One of their 30 pre-draft visits was with Wyoming linebacker Logan Wilson, who is currently projected to be taken early on day three of the draft. Take a look at his highlight reel from this past season.

Wilson played defensive back in high school, which I think is why the Eagles have an interest in him cause they love the hybrid linebackers for their speed and hands. Jim Schwartz doesn't blitz much with his linebackers, so the players at that position need to be able to handle themselves in coverage. Wilson is being called an interception machine, having 10 interceptions in four years of collegiate play. Take a look at those interceptions below:

One of Wilson's biggest strengths is his tackling, which is something the Eagles defense has lacked for what seems like forever. He is known to be like a bear trap once he has his arms grasped around a receiver or running back. The Eagles could benefit from this since they go up against some strong skill players like Saquon Barkley in New York. Also, with all that time spent on the field in college, Wilson's football IQ might allow him to be ready to contribute right away even as a mid-round pick. Him getting time as a rotational player in his first year would benefit him and the current linebackers on the roster. it would allow Wilson time to learn from the more experienced players on the team while still getting enough snaps to try to impress the coaching staff.

In 2019, Wilson had 105 tackles with seven passes defended, one sack, one forced fumble, and four interceptions. These stats show a solid linebacker in which the Eagles haven't had in since Nigel Bradham's first few years on the team.

Howie Roseman has the potential to get a productive player like Wilson in the mid-rounds of this upcoming draft, which could also immediately prove to be a steal for the Birds. We know he is on the Eagles radar, so the chances of Wilson becoming an Eagle seem to be a legit possibility. They don't need another "what could have been" moment on their hands, so if he is waiting there in round four his name better be announced when the Eagles are on the clock.

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