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Which Player Would You Take From the Giants?

In this new weekly series, we will take a look at which player from our opponent we would like to have on the team. The rules are simple. Contracts are not being included in the pick criteria. The player must currently be active on the roster, and the pick will be what would help this team the most against the upcoming opponent.

When initially thinking about this article, Blake Martinez was one of the first players to come to mind. The Eagles have struggled at the linebacker position all season, but TJ Edwards stepped up in a huge way against the Cowboys. Still, this remained the toughest choice to pass up as I looked through the Giants' roster.

The Giants certainly have a talented group in the secondary, on paper. Logan Ryan and Jabrill Peppers both caught my eye on first glance at their roster. They both have eerily similar stats this season too -- they are second and third, respectively, in tackles on the Giants, and both have recorded a sack and an interception this season.

Enough about the defense though because ultimately, we're choosing someone from the offensive side of the ball. Of course, it's not Daniel Jones, Golden Tate, or Evan Engram (although I would like to personally thank Engram for the dropped pass a few weeks ago). I'll take right guard Kevin Zeitler.

It's not the sexy choice, and Nate Herbig has done fine moving around our offensive line this year, but Zeitler is a bull. Adding his experience next to Lane Johnson would be perfect against the Giants and give Carson Wentz some added security, leading the Eagles to another victory and a season sweep over New York.

We want your thoughts: would you take Zeitler? Or is there someone else you'd want? Vote in our poll!

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