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Week 15 PFF Grades

Last week's PFF breakdown was one I was sure would cause some controversy in the comment section, and it did. But this week, I don't think there will be much to disagree on. As a team, the Eagles played as well as you can in a loss last week and the offense was the best it's been all year. Now that's not to say there wasn't one grade that might stir the pot a little bit.


Best Grade: TE Dallas Goedert, 79.5

The guy named Dallas is the man in Philly. Dallas Goedert is beginning to look like the Zach Ertz to Jalen Hurt's Carson Wentz. With Goedert starting to break out, it's becoming more apparent that he'll be the TE1 going forward, aided by Ertz's decline. Goedert averaged 9.8 yards per reception and had zero drops on eight targets.

Worst Grade: OT Matt Pryor, 55.6

The worst grade is not always a bad grade, and that's the case here with Pryor. Matt Pryor has been part of this game of musical chairs which is the Eagles offensive line all year. He is now the starting right tackle for the remainder of the year. The third-year TCU product is a guard primarily but moved to tackle to replace Lane Johnson.


Best Grade: DT Malik Jackson, 87.3

If things keep going the way they are, the Eagles could have a dangerous duo on the defensive interior. We missed out on Jackson last season due to injury but he has really come on as a major part of the defense. He and Cox are going to make up a lot of QB nightmares together.

Worst Grade: LB TJ Edwards, 29.4

The next contestant in the "Which LB wants to play worse than Gerry?" series is TJ Edwards. Any game where a linebacker has zero tackles is bad. Edwards was coming off of injury but still gave no production in 20 snaps.

Notable Grades

Jalen Reagor received a defensive grade of 70.2 for one defensive snap.

Miles Sanders (31.4) is the worst receiver on the team through 15 weeks. He leads the team in drops with eight.

Jordan Mailata (77.0) was the third-best left tackle in the league last week. Had he not allowed a sack he would more than likely have been number 1.

Despite his explosive performance, Jalen Hurts was graded third-worst on offense with a 56.9. This is because Hurts fumbled the ball three times and maybe he got credit for a sack. Without the fumbles, Hurts' grade would be incredibly higher, but he needs to protect the ball.

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