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Week 1 2020 Post-Game Thoughts

Well after a fun first half of football, the Philadelphia Eagles put an entire tri-state area back into the deep depression they've been experiencing for six months.

Here are some post-game thoughts on that disastrous meltdown of a game.

• The interceptions were a combination of Wentz's fault and his receivers' fault. Wentz was eyeing his receivers too long, but at the same time, his receivers stayed still and didn't come back for the ball. For the latter let's just hope that chemistry builds and communication becomes clearer.

• Wentz cost the team *at least* three points when he tried to extend a play on 3rd down and took a big sack. Jake Elliott was subsequently short on his 53-yard attempt that would have been good from 50 or 51 yards.

•I must've put a jynx on Wentz when I called him a potential MVP candidate in the first half. He just kept missing his receivers in the 2nd half, which probably stemmed from the trauma of being sacked eight times.

•Speaking of sacks, I thought the offensive line was doing okay enough in the first half to not worry. Boy was I wrong. Washington made a few adjustments and continued making Wentz's life a living hell and exposed the two inexperienced lineman on the right side. The Eagles need Lane Johnson back BADLY.

•I'm extremely disappointed in Zach Ertz. 4th down and you need to secure a catch and you let the ball go through your hands. Especially with news coming out today that you got into a heated argument with the GM about your contract extension. After turning down the largest TE contract ever given last season, Ertz is just upset that a pandemic hit and is going to mess up the future cap situation for the Birds. He knows the Eagles won't give him a pay raise and he probably won't finish his career in Philadelphia. You should have taken the money when they offered it last time, Zach...

•Fletcher Cox was a no show today, which was extremely disappointing. He has always played his best against Washington in his career, so maybe father time is starting to call him...

•Even though the defense gave up 27 points, they didn't have that bad of a game. They were put into some terrible positions thanks to the Eagles turnovers.

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