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VIDEO: Brandon Brooks Posts Updates on His Achilles Rehab

When Brandon Brooks went down with an achilles injury on January 13th in the Divisional Round playoff game against the Saints, there was initial fear that the recovery time would extend into the 2019 regular season. An achilles injury typically takes 6-8 months to fully heal and allow players to return to their full abilities (those latter months would be stretching into preseason and the regular season). Brooks has been giving updates throughout his rehab to show Eagles fans that he is on top of his rehab and will be ready to contribute at a Pro Bowl-level again in 2019.

His first rehab updates came on April 25th, about three months post-surgery.

One month later, Brooks showed fans video of him running on a football field for the first time since the injury.

And now at the end of June, Brooks is finally back to getting into his natural position and practicing his blocking movements.

The Eagles start their season on September 8th, which would be almost eight months since Brooks initially injured his achilles. That puts Brooks on the backend of the general recovery time from his injury, and throughout this process Brooks has been adamant that he'll be ready for Week 1.

The team has been prepping Halapoulivaati Vaitai at right guard in case Brooks isn't ready to go, but from judging those recent videos, it appears Brooks is well on track to be ready to protect Carson Wentz against the Redskins come September.

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