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Two Eagles Make PFF's Team of the Week After Stellar Performances Against Redskins

If you stopped watching the Eagles-Redskins game after the first 20-or-so minutes, you would probably be flabbergasted to find out that two Eagles were named to Pro Football Focus' Team of the Week. Thankfully, the team was able to turn this around right before the half and kept the peddle to the metal in the 2nd half to pound the Redskins into submission.

DeSean Jackson and Jason Peters both played an excellent 60 minutes of football on Sunday, which led them to be the two representatives from the Eagles on PFF's Team of the Week.

Here's what they had to say about Jackson's performance:

"Just like he never left! Back with the Eagles, Jackson found himself back in the end zone on the receiving end of some deep passes. Quarterback Carson Wentz hit him on two throws 20-plus yards downfield, totaling 104 yards and two touchdowns."

They also raved about Peters' overall game protecting Carson Wentz:

"Peters was once again a force in pass protection for the Eagles in their win over the Redskins. The Eagles dropped back to pass 41 times with him on the field, and he produced a 100.0 pass-blocking efficiency rating with no sacks, hits or hurries allowed."

The Eagles play the Falcons on Sunday Night Football this week, which is likely to be a tougher task than the Redskins were. There might not be as many Eagles on next week's list, but we're just gonna have to wait and see how they do on SNF.

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