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Two Eagles Among Top-15 Highest Graded Players At Halfway Mark by PFF

With Week 9 on the horizon the NFL season is already halfway over. After high expectations all summer, the Eagles sitting at 4-4 doesn't sit well with most of the fan base. Many players have underachieved or have just flat out sucked, but there have been a handful of guys who've held their own on the field.

Pro Football Focus believes that there have been two Eagles who have excelled more than most players in the entire NFL. They released their top-20 highest graded players list at the midway point of the season; Dallas Goedert (#15) and Brandon Brooks (#10) both appeared on the list.

Goedert has been as active in the passing game as he was in 2018 (which wasn't that frequent). However, he has vastly improved in his blocking, which PFF takes heavily into consideration in their grading scale. Below is just one example of how impactful his blocking is in the running game:

What Brooks has been doing this season is almost miraculous. He suffered a torn achilles in the middle of January, and he was able to be at 100% by the first week of September. That is an achievement in and of itself, but he has done much more than just "be available" for the Eagles -- he has been playing at an All-Pro level on the offensive line.

He has a legitimate chance at winning the Comeback Player of the Year Award for what he has done in the first half of the season. Below is just some of the plays that show just how dominate he has been.

The Eagles face a have a challenging three game stretch ahead of them in the Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. After that though their remaining five games become much easier, with a trip to Miami as well as two games against the New York Giants and two other divisional games against the Redskins and Cowboys.

With a more manageable schedule ahead of them, maybe a few other players will join these two among the top of PFF's rankings by the time the season is over.

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