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Troy Aikman Admits Philly Was Always Tough For Him

Despite Thursday night’s NFL matchup being a battle of two AFC North rivals, far removed from relevancy to the Eagles, some Birds flavor managed to work its way into the broadcast.

Troy Aikman, Hall of Fame quarterback and very good analyst (as much as I hate to admit it), was on the call for NFL Network and was discussing Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco’s struggles in Cincinnati when he dropped a little gem that was music to Philadelphia’s ears.

In 21 games he quarterbacked against the Eagles, Aikman went just 10-11. In games in Veterans Stadium, Aikman’s Cowboys were just 3-6 and four times Aikman failed to throw a touchdown (h/t to NBC Sports Philadelphia for the numbers).

Considering Aikman’s career accomplishments, that’s a pretty impressive nod to the Eagles defense and the fans. And it was oh-so-sweet to hear Aikman admit it on the air.

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