Top 10 Plays of the 2019 Preseason

The Eagles finished the preseason with just one win in four attempts. The team didn't really let starters and important role players get many reps, but there were still a few plays made by the Eagles that got fans excited and off their feet. Here are the top 10 plays of this year's preseason.

10. JJAW's Turn and Go

The game against the Ravens was JJAW's breakout game. This play helped him pick up a good amount of yards which contributed to his 104 total receiving yards, as he caught the pass and immediately stopped and headed back in the other direction into the open field.

9. McCown's TD in Back of the Endzone

McCown had some rust to shake off in his first preseason action with the Birds, but once he got into rhythm he was hard to stop. He helped the Eagles try to mount a comeback, and his perfect arcing pass found an open Alex Ellis in the back of the endzone for a touchdown.

8.BG Meets You in the Backfield

When it comes to recognizing run plays, Brandon Graham is one of the best defensive ends in the league. He was able to once again make a tackle for a loss when he saw an end around coming right towards him.

7. Hall's Helmet-Strip vs Jaguars

Daeshon Hall was the Eagles' preseason MVP, and his game against the Jaguars was when he really made an impact. Hall has two sacks in the game, and the bigger of two sacks was this one where his helmet popped the ball out of the quarterback's hands and onto the ground where the Eagles recovered.

6. Greg Ward's Turning Nothing into Something

On 4th down from the 40 yard line in Jacksonville Doug Pederson said "screw it" and let Clayton Thorson try to pass for a first down. Thorson had Greg Ward open and if he led him in stride Ward would have had an easy touchdown, but the pass was under-thrown. Still, Ward was able to adjust and catch the ball, then made the necessary moves to cross the plain for six points.

5. Sudfeld Hits Michel Deep

This preseason was Nate Sudfeld's chance to prove he is capable of being Carson Wentz's backup. A broken wrist put that dream on hold, but before the wrist injury Sudfeld looked good. His best pass was when he threw a perfect ball to Marken Michel, who went on to finish the 75-yard touchdown.

4. Agudosi's Toe-Drag Part 2

Carlton Agudosi didn't have a lot of receptions this preseason, but he made nice plays when the ball did come to him. One great play he has was against the Ravens, when he was targeted as he headed to the sidelines. He was able to drag his feet for the reception, but was initially called an incomplete pass. A challenge from Doug Pederson further showed just how good of a catch Agudosi made.

3. Agudosi's Toe-Drag Part 1

The reason the play before was called "Agudosi's Toe-Drag Part 2" was because Agudosi had an even more incredible sideline catch before that one. This one came against the Jaguars. We'll never know if this was an incredibly bad throw from Clayton Thorson or the most perfect throw of Thorson's young NFL career. Either way, Agudosi made a fantastic play to bring the ball in while on his tip-toes.

2. McCown Finds JJAW in Stride for Six

After a terrible first half against the Ravens, the Eagles offense turned things around in the 3rd Quarter. What got things cooking was this great throw from Josh McCown and even better catch from JJ Arcega-Whiteside in the corner of the endzone.

1. Ellis' one-handed snag vs Jets

The preseason finale was a rough one to watch and try to enjoy, but there was one play that opened the eyes of both Eagles fans and Eagles coaches. Clayton Thorson threw a terrible ball to a wide open Alex Ellis, but Ellis adjusted enough to get a hand on the ball to knock it down, then cradled the ball as he fell to the ground.


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