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Third is the New Best

The Philadelphia Eagles fans have always had a stigma of being the worst and most rude fans in the NFL, but that’s not what recent studies have shown.

Every year, Professor Micheal Lewis from Emory University conducts a study to determine the best fans in the NFL. This study is based off three main categories: fan equity, social equity and road equity. Fan equity focuses on home box office revenues. Social equity is based off how fans engage as a part of the teams community in social media. Road equity focuses on how the team manages to bring fans to away games with them.

Philadelphia has always been known as a city with fans all over the country so the road equity was in the bag for us. In fact, the Eagles have their road game fan base that travels with them to each road game, called The Green Legion (if you're interested in attending a road game this season with the group check out their booking info here). Since were thought of as “bad fans” we have to speak out in social media to show that we really are the best. Those are the two categories that Lewis says keeps Eagles towards the top.

Cowboys fans and Patriots fans came in first and second, with Eagles fans rounding out the top three. It’s hard to believe fans from those teams could beat us out, but next season is a new one and potentially our time to take the throne!

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