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There's at Least One Guy on Earth That's Elated With the Jalen Hurts Selection

The selection of Jalen Hurts with the 53rd overall pick had most Eagles fans scratching their heads, as well as taking another dose of their blood pressure medication.

There might not be a lot of happy campers in Philadelphia, but there is at least one man who was happy with the selection. Abas Dauti was crazy enough to place a $50 bet on DraftKings on Hurts being selected by the Eagles. That draft selection made Mr. Dauti $5,000 richer.

This guy is either a close friend of Hurts and was able to sneak the bet in right before the pick was made official, or he is a maniacal wizard. Some of that money should go towards a midnight green Hurts jersey since that pick made him some extra dough.

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