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The Plan is Simple: Get To DJax

The Eagles are flying high as they will be playing a home playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. The first priority of course is that Wildcard RoundGame. No one is looking past that game... but at this point, adding a single weapon to the Eagles wide receiving corp, seems like a huge advantage for Carson Wentz. It’s hard to imagine having DeSean Jackson back this season, but in this article, we will briefly explore the notion.

Look at who Wentz has been throwing to all season... 4,000+ yards, and not a single one of those receivers had more than 500 yards. Pitiful, from a receiving standpoint. And yet, it’s hard to party Jackson with that blame. 159 yards and two touchdowns in his first and pretty much only game with Carson Wentz, which was against the Redskins.

Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor, and company have been lackluster in their “clutch” performances this season. If nothing else, all of the injuries have helped shed a light on capable players like Greg Ward Jr. and Dallas Goedert. With a ticket to the playoffs, the Eagles now receive a home playoff game. Quite a huge “leg up” for a 9-7 team that has dealt with injuries all season long.

But why does Djax stick out more than any other injury? Eagles fans haven’t simply been waiting since Week 1 to see this man play... we’ve been waiting for years. Since our boy from Cal was forced to leave Philly for Washington and Tampa Bay. He should have never left the midnight green in the first place! DJax return represents retribution. The good ol boys that came back to get their piece of glory.

Jackson is eligible to come off on injured reserve if the Eagles advance to the Divisional Round of the playoffs. He has been running at nearly full speed, so in one week there is a chance that he will be 100% and ready to return.

To me, getting to the point where DJax is able to return would give the Eagles a legitimate chance at reaching the Super Bowl. All we need to do is win on Sunday against the Seahawks and take it from there. Time to fly...

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