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The "Duce Staley Drill" Set to Make Its Debut at Combine

Whenever something is named after an individual, it normally means that individual made a significant impact in said field. Duce Staley is having a new NFL Combine drill for running backs named after him. The drill will premier Friday evening, when the running backs take the field in Indy.

So What is the Drill Going to Be? Duce is getting the national recognition he rightfully deserves. He has been able to develop backs in the Eagles offense, and get guys up to speed unlike any other. The drill named after him is designed to show scouts and GMs how a back uses his eyes when met with physical barriers. It will be set up to replicate how a back might perform in an inside zone run. With the inside zone, the running back’s vision is important because he is not running to a certain target, rather they must find the best option and explode.

This new drill fits Duce well, as he was never known to be an outside rusher, he always had to bruise his way up the middle for yards and would need to wait for his blocks to set to find the best hole to burst through.

Even with Miles Sanders and Boston Scott primed to be in the backfield for the Birds in 2020, this drill should interest Eagles scouts to try to find a bruiser of a back that has great vision in-between the hash marks to pair with Sanders and Scott.

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