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Super Bowl LVII Will Not be Brandon Graham's Last NFL Game

The Eagles are on the cusp of winning a second Lombardi Trophy. Their core group of veterans (Brandon Graham, Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox, and Lane Johnson) are a big reason why they are back in the game after a four-year absence. Though everyone will be focused on the game itself, the future of the team and its beloved veterans will be on the back of Eagles fans’ minds. Will they bring all of them back? Will any of them retire?

One of those questions was answered when Brandon Graham was about it in a radio interview.

Graham was asked if this is his last NFL game. He said it will not be his last game, but potentially his last as an Eagle.

After the Super Bowl BG will be a free agent. He signed a three-year $40 Million deal in 2019, but restructured his contract back in 2021 — he earned $7.5 Million this season

Graham is coming off an unlikely career year after tearing his achilles in 2021 — he had 11.0 sacks in the regular season despite playing only 43% of the team’s defensive snaps this season (he had played 69% or more snaps from 2015-2020).

Eagles fans don’t want to see #55 wearing another uniform, but with his play this season he has played his way into earning just as much money as he did this season, or even more. It’ll be up to Howie to make the numbers work to keep BG, himself, and Eagles fans everywhere happy.

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