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State of the NFC East: Worst in the League

Let's just get this over with. Week 13 was a disaster for the Eagles, and it was a disaster for the NFC East. The division is the worst in football. It is the only division without a winning team, it is the only division with multiple teams with 9+ losses, and it is the only division that doesn't have a combined 20 wins (in fact, the NFC Least only has 16 wins among its members). Neither the Eagles or the Cowboys seem particularly interested in winning the division, and it's hard to imagine whatever team eventually emerges from this dumpster fire making any kind of impact in the postseason. So, let's dig into the steaming pile of garbage that is the NFC East.

Cowboys (6-6)

The Cowboys did their best to help the Eagles out, losing on Thanksgiving to the Buffalo Bills and virtually gift-wrapping the division for the Eagles. It didn't help the standing of the division in the league, but it was exactly what Eagles fans were hoping for. As we know, it didn't matter much as the Eagles failed to capitalize. Dallas will take on the Bears on Thursday.

Eagles (5-7)

Unfortunately, the Eagles couldn't capitalize, pulling a "hold my beer" by losing to the lowly Dolphins in one of the most embarrassing losses of the NFL season and one of the worst for the franchise in recent memory. We won't dig into the specifics of the loss here, instead just noting that it was completely inexcusable and this organization needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror. The frustration is amplified by the fact that the defense, which had just finished holding Tom Brady and Russell Wilson to 34 combined points, gave up 37 to the hapless Dolphins while the offense finally showed a little bit of competency (despite some continuing mistakes and highly-questionable playcalling).

I almost don't even want to type this next part, as it's laughable to even think about the product we've seen over the past three weeks and really all season being in the postseason, but the math indicates that this team still controls its own fate. Again, if you scoff as you read that, I can't blame you, but since it's the reality we need to point it out.

The Eagles take on the lowly Giants on Monday night, a game that at one time was considered a layup, but after witnessing what we did on Sunday, I don't think any of us would be surprised if the Eagles lost the game.

Redskins (3-9)

In a microcosm of just how poor this division is, the previously 2-9 Redskins carried the flag for the division in Week 13, providing the lone bright spot with an upset win over the Panthers. Still, they remain relegated to the role of spoiler, with games against the Packers, Eagles, and Cowboys remaining. They'll get Green Bay in Week 14.

Giants (2-9)

The Giants continued their trek towards a top-five draft pick after getting dominated by the Packers on Sunday. The G-Men head to the Linc on Monday night looking to add to the embarrassment the Eagles are currently shouldering.


What more can you say? This division stinks. It's far and away the worst in the NFL, and it's almost a shame that they will get a representative in the playoffs. But someone has to win it, and right now it's a contest between the Cowboys and the Eagles to see who can mess up the least.

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