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State of the NFC East: Week 12

It continues to be ugly in the NFC East. The division leader has just four wins, while every other division in football as at least one eight-win team. Every team in the NFC East continues to have a negative point differential and of the 14 combined wins the division has, only five have come against non-NFC East competition. Here's a look at how things stand as we head into the final month of the season.

New York Giants (4-7)

The Giants lost their best player almost immediately this season, started 0-5 and 1-7, and yet find themselves atop the NFC East standings. They beat the Bengals in Week 12, giving them three straight victories and securing a rare NFC East win over a non-divisional opponent. The fact that the Giants are in first place despite their start tells you all you need to know about the NFC East, but New York has looked like the best team in the division over the last several weeks, for whatever that's worth.

Next: at Seahawks

Washington Football Team (4-7)

Like the Giants, Washington remains in the mix in the NFC East despite losing five straight games and seven-of-eight at one point this season. However, Washington trounced the Cowboys on Thanksgiving and have done enough to stay relevant in the mess that is the NFC East.

Next: at Steelers

Philadelphia Eagles (3-7-1)

The Eagles lost their tenuous hold on first place after another disappointing effort against the Seahawks. Sadly, the defense did more than enough to keep the Eagles in the game, but the offense was completely inept. The Eagles now find themselves chasing the Giants and Washington with a pretty daunting schedule ahead.

Next: at Packers

Dallas Cowboys (3-8)

The Cowboys got whooped at home in front of a national audience on Thanksgiving, providing a bit of joy for Eagles fans in an otherwise disappointing and frustrating season. Interestingly, the Cowboys hold the best record in the division against non-divsional opponents but have the worst record in division against NFC East foes. Regardless, they find themselves at the bottom of the worst division in football.

Next: at Ravens


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