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Russell Wilson's New Deal Will Impact Carson Wentz's Mega-Contract

Updated: May 8, 2019

The Seahawks were given a strict deadline by Russell Wilson to negotiate a new deal by midnight on April 15th or else he would leave Seattle after the 2019 season. They were able to strike a deal in time which is making Wilson the highest paid player in the NFL.

So how does this affect the Eagles?

Well the Eagles will be negotiating with Carson Wentz's agent soon (if they haven't already) about a contract extension that will kick in after this season. This Wilson deal will likely become a talking point by Ryan Tollner (Wentz's agent) as he will try to get Wentz's contract in the neighborhood or potentially surpass it.

Howie Roseman won't enjoy waking up to this news, but he will likely try to keep numbers at a cap hit he wants, and will use Wentz's injury history against him in the negotiations.

ESPN recently predicted what all the top quarterbacks' new contract will look like, and they actually got Russell Wilson's contract exactly right. If their prediction for Wentz's deal comes true (5 years, $146 Million with $50 Million guaranteed), Eagles fans should be happy with that result. Hopefully Roseman protects himself a bit and can fit in ways to opt-out earlier in the contract if Wentz continues getting injured so the potential dead cap space wouldn't cripple the team.

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