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Rodney McLeod Restructures Contract to Remain an Eagle

With the Eagles getting ready to enter the offseason with little cap space to be active in Free Agency, the team announced good news as Rodney McLeod has decided to restructure his contract to help the team.

Details haven't been released yet of what the restructure entails for McLeod financially, but he was initially entering 2019 with a cap hit of $9.9 Million. There was buzz going around that if no changes were made, that the team could make McLeod a cap casualty, and try to find his replacement through the 2019 NFL Draft. Instead, McLeod decided to restructure because he wanted to remain an Eagle:

“Honestly, Philly is where I want to be. I'm glad we were able to get things done and handled early on. I really get to focus more on rehab and getting back out there with the boys and getting back to making plays for the team this year.”

Now the Eagles will head into next season with a healthy Rodney McLeod and Malcolm Jenkins, allowing the eagles to have one of the best safety tandems in the entire league. The Eagles will still likely take a safety or two in this year's draft, as McLeod will be turning 29 before the start of the season and Jenkins is 31 years old. The only other safeties under contract are Tre Sullivan and Deiondre' Hall - both haven't shown enough for Howie Roseman to feel comfortable to be his primary back-ups at the position.

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