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REPORT: Eagles Sent Trade Offer to Chargers for Melvin Gordon

We are still a few days away from the Eagles starting their season against the Washington Redskins, but Howie Roseman is still trying to make moves to improve the roster.

First he was tied into Jadeveon Clowney trade reports, which ultimately resulted in the Seahawks having a better offer on the table to complete the trade with the Houston Texans. Now Roseman has his sites on a different superstar: running back Melvin Gordon.

Yesterday we were told by ESPN's Josina Anderson that there was only one team in talks with the Chargers for Gordon's services, but not told who it was.

Today we found out that lone team talking to the Chargers is the Eagles.

The MMQB's Albert Breer went on the clarify that the Eagles are more than content with what they have at running back, but this was more of a way to just throw an offer out there and see if it was good enough to upgrade the position to get Gordon.

So it doesn't really sound like there will be continued talks regarding Gordon to Philly, although you never know if the Chargers get desperate enough to accept an offer like that from the Eagles. Talks could revamp later in the season, especially at the trade deadline if Gordon is still holding out and the Chargers would rather get compensation instead of letting him walk in Free Agency.

Until he ends his holdout or until there is an official trade for Gordon somewhere, it seems like this won't be the last time we hear about Gordon connected to the Eagles.

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