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REPORT: Eagles Offered 4th-Round Pick for Robby Anderson

So far the Eagles' experiment with Golden Tate hasn't gone well. The team gave up a valuable 3rd-round pick and even their Offensive Coordinator has come out and said they are having a hard time getting Tate involved in the offense. With this fiasco going on, some new news has become public about the Eagles having interest in a different wide receiver at the trade deadline.

Right after the trade deadline, it became known that the Eagles were interested in Anderson's services. The teams couldn't make a deal work and so the Eagles changed their focus towards acquiring Golden Tate instead. We now know that the Jets wanted more than a 4th round pick for their #1 wide receiver, and the Eagles wouldn't budge.

If Anderson doesn't end up re-signing with the Jets this offseason, when he hits Free Agency it would appear the Eagles would be interested in bringing him in. With Nelson Agholor's time on the field being diminished due to Golden Tate's addition, the Eagles might luck out and get Nelson Agholor to sign a cheaper contract than what was first expected coming into 2018. The Eagles' 2019 receiving corps could consist of Alshon Jeffery and Robby Anderson on the outside, with Nelson Agholor returning to his slot position if Howie Roseman so desires that group for his franchise quarterback.

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