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REPORT: Eagles Had Trade Offer for Amari Cooper

Earlier today the Dallas Cowboys traded for Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper. The Cowboys ended up giving away a 1st-round pick for Cooper, with many analysts saying that was too much to trade for a player like Cooper, when just a few weeks ago the Patriots were able to land Josh Gordon for a 5th-round draft pick.

The Eagles were reportedly very interested in acquiring Cooper, so much so they were willing to give away one of their high draft picks to get him in midnight green.

Cooper would have been a fine addition, but has known issues with dropped passes. A 2nd-round pick would have been a lot to give up for him, but there was definitely a possible reward for that risk. This is all hindsight now as the Cowboys outbid them for Cooper's services. Now Roseman and company will be hoping that Cooper falters with the Cowboys and will prove that they dodged a bullet by not giving up enough to land him.

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