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REPORT: Brandon Graham Could Begin Practicing Today

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Throughout the playoffs last season, DE Brandon Graham played with a high-ankle sprain.  Once the postseason ended and the team hoisted the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in franchise history, Graham ended up getting surgery on that ankle.

There was a lot of speculation whether or not Graham would be fully recovered from his surgery and healthy enough to play Week 1, when the Atlanta Falcons come to Philadelphia. Well a report that came out late last night will help Eagles fans draw their own conclusions about that speculation.

Graham told Howard Eskin a few days ago that he would be ready for Week 1, so him getting ready to practice today shouldn't come as a surprise.

Returning to practice with a little over two weeks before the regular season starts bodes well for Graham, as he can ease his way back in at practice at his own pace and work his way back up to full speed. Even if he doesn't necessarily return to practice today, hearing that Graham feels healthy enough to join the team again should make Eagles fans happy, and should make quarterbacks around the league lose some sleep at night.

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