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REPORT: Alshon Jeffery Still "A Few Weeks Out"

Back in August, a report came out that Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery would miss at least the first two games of the season. Most fans started to expect that to be the case when Jeffery didn't practice at all in training camp and never took a snap in the preseason.

The team was able to survive with out him in Week 1 (barely) as the Eagles beat the Falcons 18-12 to kickoff the season. However, a new report has come out, stating that Jeffery has acknowledged that he is still feeling some pain, and will likely be out a few more weeks as opposed to just next Sunday.

This could end up being a big blow to the offense, as the team seemed to struggle without their #1 WR in the lineup on Thursday, scoring just two TD's. Players like Nelson Agholor, Shelton Gibson and DeAndre Carter all need to step-up in his absence, or else the team might end up falling to a team or two they should have beat.

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