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Reggie Bush Has Hard Time Remembering Details From His Infamous Hit Taken From Sheldon Brown

Eagles fans who watched the team in the early 2000s know all about the hit that Sheldon Brown laid on Reggie Bush early in the Divisional Round of the 2006 Postseason. If your memory is a little foggy or just want the pleasant reminder, you can rewatch it one more time.

So why is this hit being brought back up again? Well, Monday was the 13th anniversary of the hit. Not only that, but during the College Football Playoff National Championship Game last night Reggie Bush was an analyst of Fox's in-game show. The analysts were asked what was the hardest hit they have ever taken in a game. Bush knew the right answer and answered it quickly. However, he had a hard time remembering some important facts from the hit and from that game. Listen to how he describes what happened in that game.

Bush thinks it was Lito Sheppard who delivered the impactful hit, not Sheldon Brown. Also, Bush believes that game was the NFC Championship Game, when it was actually in the Divisional Round.

So either the hit made Bush forget some of the events that unfolded that day, or he has just decided to try and forget all of the details from that game on purpose. Either way, he knows that he'll likely have to talk about this play for the rest of his life, whether he likes it or not.



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