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Pro Football Focus Honors Three Eagles at Halfway Point of Season

The NFL season is halfway over, and with that in mind Pro Football Focus has released some of their updated ratings of players throughout the league. Three Eagles received note-worthy honors from PFF, and we will list them all here:

First they said Jason Kelce has been the top Center in the NFL halfway through the season.

Kelce was also PFF's #1 Center last season as well. He is still a hungry dog after all.

PFF also said that Fletcher Cox has been the 2nd-best defensive tackle in the NFL this season, behind only Aaron Donald.

It's hard to argue with that assessment for Cox. He has been dominant in every single game this season, and stepped up big-time in games where the Defensive Ends had a hard time getting to the Quarterback. Donald being rated higher than Cox shouldn't be a knock on Cox's game - Donald has been just as dominate as Cox. With both Cox and Donald being just 27 years old, we will likely be seeing both of them at #1 and #2 of PFF's Defensive Tackle rankings for the next three-to-five years.

Lastly, PFF says that Dallas Goedert has been the best rookie tight end in the NFL through eight games.

He was the third tight end taken in the 2018 NFL Draft, but so far Goedert has proven that he should have been the top one selected in last year's draft. He has been a huge compliment to Zach Ertz, and his presence on the field has allowed Ertz to start notching record-breaking numbers. Goedert has also been a great redzone target for Carson Wentz as well, catching three passes for touchdowns. With the team just adding Golden Tate to the receiving core, that might make one on one matchups for Goedert much more likely, which will inevitably lead to more touchdowns.

All three players noted have earned these ratings from PFF. Hopefully as the Eagles start getting healthier as a squad it will lead to better play from each player on the team, which would mean potentially more players with high-ratings and honors from PFF.



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